We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our neighbors.

Letter of thanks from a recent client
        This letter is to say thank you for all you have assisted me with. I am battling cancer and it is a very costly disease. I exhaust most of my income on treatment. I came to Help Network needing help with a costly gas bill and you assisted me. Not only did did you assist with that but you also had funds to assist me with rent. It made my day. I actually was able to catch up on all of my bills. I feel freedom once again.  God sees you and you will be blessed. You showed up in my life for a reason at a particular time. God knew what I was facing and instead of me giving up I kept my Faith and I met you. I love you ladies and so thankful you were able to help me.  
JUNE 2016 

Note of Thanks From a Neighbor
         I came to Help Network seeking assistance with my water bill. I had a water leak and my bill was extremely high. I am a veteran living on a fixed  income so I knew I could not pay the bill and was facing disconnection.  I was able to pay to have the water leak fixed but I was not able to pay all of the water bill. I paid what I could on the bill and Help Network was able to assist with the remaining balance. This help allowed us to keep our  water turned on and it gave me a peace of mind. I am very happy, proud, and blessed. Help Network is doing the best they can to help people like me.